How We Invest

How we Invest

Evergreen Investment Holdings Limited’s approach to investment has always been founded on a well-thought-out strategy. Our unwavering confidence in this method, as represented by our clients’ successes over time and the ability of favorable returns no matter what current market conditions may dictate to us is due largely not rigidly following some premeditated plan; instead respecting potential while adjusting accordingly when needed–but never straying too far from those core beliefs which provide us guidance every step along any journey towards financial gain.

Driven by Research

Our decision-making processes are guided by cold, difficult, and uncomfortable analysis. We exclude emotion from the equation so that statistical pureness and basic analysis will form the justification.

Our Investment Philosophy

When we make decisions, it is important to know that they will not be emotional. We guide our process by using cold analysis and basic statistics so the justification of why you should or shouldn’t do something can always stay pure no matter what your feelings may tell us at any given time!

Peerless Risk Management

It is essential to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trading stocks, and at Evergreen Investment Holdings Limited we take our risk management seriously. We can’t prevent major risks if they’re coming from a place that’s different to ours- but with constant change in markets you have no choice other than breaking up or adapting accordingly!


The current economic climate is challenging for investors. Policymakers seem unwilling or unable to address the long-term needs of society when faced with a slowing down in growth, which leads us here at Evergreen Investment Holdings Limited into an opportunity where we can provide solutions that would otherwise go overlooked by market forces.

The Main fundamentals of our Investment Strategy:

Diversification – The modern portfolio theory proceeds with a solid risk-adjusted return in order to demonstrate the value of investing throughout all markets.
Liquidity – Investing in a liquid market is crucial for our portfolios because we can quickly trade and respond to changing conditions.